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Do japanese women love black men?

Author Marvin
Thu 20 Sep 12
/ 5

I took my first trip to Osaka, Japan when I was nineteen. I wanted to escape from my hometown, at least for a stint, and harbored an interest in the culture. Luckily for me, or so I thought, I had a friend that lived there and would be willing to show me around the city. I packed my bags and went for it, flying on an airplane for the first time in my life towards an exciting adventure. 

After landing at Kansai International Airport, I was immediately thrilled by the Japanese atmosphere, before even passing through customs! Everything was so immaculate, and the toilets had bidets! After passing through customs, there were even more wonders to be seen, all taken for granted by native Japanese and long-term residents. Talking vending machines, beautiful skylines, and of course, beautiful women! 

I'd have to wait to explore all of these wonders though. I checked-in to my hotel (APA Villa at Tanimachi 4-Chome, a superb, but somewhat expensive hotel) and went to sleep, resting off the weariness of the twelve-hour flight over the Pacific. Adventure could wait until the future! 

On my second day, I decided that it was time to contact my friend and let her know that I had arrived. She told me that she was sick, meaning that I would have to explore Osaka on my own. Osaka, like most cities in Japan, is relatively safe compared to the United States, so I wasn't worried about winding up in a dodgy area, but a “newbie” can still get lost! 

I decided to take my chances; I wasn't going to fly all the way across the Pacific just to sit cooped up in a hotel room. I decided to take the subway to Namba, the shopping hub of Osaka. I've never been big into shopping, but women are, making Namba a great spot for nampa (that's Japanese for picking up chicks). They say that Tokyo is the big leagues, but Osaka is much better in my opinion; less congestion and less competition. Since I am not the ideal gaijin (foreigner), a tall White man with blonde hair and blue eyes, less competition made it a better spot for me. 

Before GS350JPN was in the house asking Japanese girls if they loved Black men, I was asking them if they hated us. I know, this is a horrible way to break the ice, but at the time, being the opposite of the ideal gaijin stifled my confidence. To my surprise, most of the ladies said that they didn't hate me, and on my last night in Japan, one of them even invited me to karaoke.

After some singing, she started letting me know that she was interested in other activities. I shyly asked her if she wanted to come back to my hotel, to which she agreed. Since she knew little English and I knew little Japanese, we had to communicate with body language, if you know what I mean. After losing my virginity to that young lady, I have been hooked on Japanese girls ever since. To paraphrase Marvin Gaye's “Since I Had You”, “Since I've had a Japanese girl, I haven't wanted any other type of woman!” Overall, I'll give this trip a four out of five stars!

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