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Hungry Buddha Restaurant

Author Richard Summers
Fri 2 May 14
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Hungry Buddha Shaxi

This is the story of an audacious italian vegetarian cook, Mau, who one day get sick of Shanghai and decided to move all his stuff, kitchen knives and tools included, and cross China via electric tricycle, modified by Chris, an english engineer.

He tell:"I came here in Yunnan, already agreed for a 2-3 months job as start upper chef, in the beautiful Shaxi Valley; between the freaky Dali and the crowded Lijiang.

Falled in love with the Old Town, I took a tiny empty place; 18sqm, to realize my dream to cook and serve food in a minute micro concept.
At HB we had satisfactions as receiving special guest as the 3 Michelin Star Bombana Chef, flight directly from HK to have a lunch here, costumers crying with real tears, eating our 100% homemade Tiramisuper.

At HB we try to homemade everything, from the sour dough for our pizza and bread till homemaking all cheeses used.
We have a nice choice of imported wines, most of them organic.
All fresh ingredients come from the Local Friday Market which is considered one of most colorful of all Yunnan Province. HB has just 8 seats around the kitchen that often becomes food-theatre; 
HB is far from cooking-reality or master-chefs concepts; here we are real and genuine as our food.

At HB we experiment different kind of concepts too. We installed an old-style chinese pharmacy furniture where we propose Local Products as well-packed souvenirs. Our main items are organic tea cakes from Pu'er area, local chinese medicines, dry local mushrooms; all concept focus to be transparently in contact with farmers and producers.

We often experiment cooking with TCMs, we post our results in Food3.5, on our website.
Homemade preparations used in our cooking are ready to be sold, too.

We're developing these kind of products with imported and handmade ones, in a frame named EcoYunnan.
In HB we studied the Tiramisuper concept, authentic 100% homemade tiramisu, all from scratch.
We're moving our first steps to make this idea a franchising of sweet mono concept.
HB opening time is still a mystery, don't believe too much in hours exposed outside; 
basically HB is a solution of lifestyle of Soundinner ;)"



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