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Tips on Scouting and Choosing Among Your Wedding Caterers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Author Richard Summers
Fri 14 Dec 12
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San Francisco Bay Catering

Picking a wedding caterer in the San Francisco Bay Area is substantially similar to the experience of going through the process in most big cities.

That is, there are too many choices in wedding caterers to count. To the advantage of the person doing the choosing, there are wide differences in quality that can be easily deduced when you know what you are looking for. Especially important in this process is asking the right questions.

As far as wedding planning in the San Francisco Bay Area goes, know first that you will likely be asked to consider a package deal where the wedding planner has his/her recurring favorites. Just know first of all that this is never mandatory when deciding on a wedding caterer and if you are getting high pressure treatment from your wedding planner, then consider you might not have the right planner.

Be that as it may, be fully aware that you are in charge of the process and none of this is rocket science. Choosing wedding caterers is about being prepared and anticipating issues that make good questions.

For instance, it is pretty standard that wedding caterers will arrange for a pre-tasting of your food choices before you make a commitment. So don't be bashful about making that request.

Price structure and the various elements that go into determining what a wedding caterer will cost is also a matter of thinking it through regarding everything that goes into any catered event. A big part of this is the tables, chairs, and utensils. Make sure to ask your potential wedding caterer about whether those are included in the base price. Many times it is worth it to pay extra to get that all-inclusive just to take away the agitation and worry.

Likewise, you will want to ask your wedding caterer about waitstaff and how many they anticipate will work your event. If it is a served event, you should reasonably anticipate at least one wait person for every 4 to 8 person table. You may also want to ask about the attire the wait person will be wearing to make sure it fits comfortably with your projected theme for the occasion.

Flexibility and an appreciation for the event is also an important aspect of choosing the right wedding caterer. You should ask them to include some family recipe that has special meaning (if one exists) and they should be able to happily meet the request. Overall, it's a very competitive market and it's your money.

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