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Australia - High quality of life

Author Richard Summers
Wed 17 Oct 12
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Australia Coast


The animals of Australia differ fundamentally from the fauna of other parts of the world. Many Australian animals are not found anywhere else. 83% of mammals, 89% of reptiles, 90% of fish and 93% of amphibians living in Australia are endemic.

Such a large number of endemic species is the result of a long geological isolation of the continent. A unique feature of Australia's fauna is the complete lack of native placental mammals.

Consequently, marsupials filled ecological niches that in other parts of the world take placentals. In Australia, there are also two species of monotremes that are intermediate between reptiles and mammals.

The arrival of people (Aborigines) to Australia about 50 000 years ago and European settlers since 1788, has had a significant impact on the Australian fauna. The newcomers from Asia brought with them dogs (dingo) that upset the balance between the original species living here.

The effects of the first human invasion previously uninhabited continent shrouded slowly revealed to prehistory through archeology, ethnography, and paleontology. Europeans introduced alien species, often competing with native. The development of agriculture led to the destruction of the original environments led to the extinction of many species. Currently protects the original ecosystems and native species protection through legislation and the establishment of national parks.

Australia is a developed country with a multicultural society. In comparison with other countries (Human Development Index) Australia is listed very high in terms of quality of life, health care, the average life expectancy, level of education, freedom of economic activity, personal freedom and political rights, and is now the No. 2 spot in Norway . Australian cities are among the world leaders in the field of cultural life.  

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