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A backpackers trip to europe: Copenhagen

Author Richard Summers
Sun 14 Oct 12
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Backpacker Trip Europe Copenhagen


Copenhagen is extremely safe, I wouldn't worry about anything at all. Public transport here is super efficient, but it's a walkable. I would not try to fake a ticket on this cause the fines are super steep and not worth it. Travel to the airport is also a cinch, 1 line and get off at the center, will take you 10 minutes to get the train to the airport, so don't be afraid to have a big night the day you leave :D You may not believe me, but they didn't even check my ID when I fly from here to Finland, gotta love the Danes.




Riding a bike is probably the coolest way to get around. There are plenty of places around to rent a bike, I would recommend it.

New Harbor - A collection of shops, eateries and beautiful views of the harbor is a nice site to walk through, restaurants tend to be on the pricier side.

Thorvaldsen Museum - A very cool museum to a famous Dane (Thorvaldsen or Thor). He has a wide variety of sculptures and paintings, worth a visit.

Christianshavn (Christiania) - A self governed city within a city. Probably the most famous thing here except for that little Mermaid statue (which I didn't bother seeing). Despite what you may hear, this is a generally safe place to be, even at night. During the day you can picnic and rummage through what people are selling... Which.. range if you use your imagination. Hard drugs, theft, police and being an idiot are highly forbidden. I would recommend going here at night, or towards the evening and enjoy a lot of the music that will spring up. I have a friend who lives in Copenhagen and it's not the place that you can really plan to experience, you just go and have a killer time.

National Gallery - The Danish national gallery houses a huge collection of very unique art from Danes, I've been here and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Tivoli Gardens - No no no, not a garden to frolic around in, but a huge amusement park right in the middle of the city with rides, games, musical events, concerts, you name it. This place is hustlin' around the year, you really should go here.



DRINK BEER EVERYWHERE. Carlsberg, Tuborg... Its generally not too expensive (considering how expensive the city is), its awesome.

There are a lot of Cafes along the main shopping street. There is place called Rossa something, just DO NOT GO THERE. Use your good judgment and go for cafes and little spots, get lost there you're gonna love it man, save a little extra and go to Copenhagen, then thank me for pushing you to do it! Please please go.



Generator Hostel - $21-30 a night. I've stayed here before. The crowd here is a bit on the younger side. This is a large hostel and it run very business-like. I was a bit wary myself staying here, but overall it was good. Linen included as was free Wi-fi. Rooms have a private bathroom, split shower/toilet, for multiple people. Lockers are located under the bed so you can store all of your crap. Bring your own lock (taller and not very thick or it won't fit). On the 2nd floor is a large, annoying bar with cheap drinks and terrible music. You can mingle there. The location is actually fantastic as you are super close to a lot of the main sites to see. Copenhagen is a very open city, consider CouchSurfing.



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