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Interrail from Madrid to Copenaghen via Amsterdam

Author Richard Summers
Sun 14 Oct 12
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Interrail Madrid Barcelona Amsterdam Copenhagen

Once you arrive in Europe, you can take this journey to where you need to go. First, I would recommend flying into Madrid. So this plan is starting in Madrid:

Stay in Madrid 3 nights. Madrid --> Barcelona

Via Train: $122 Takes about 2 1/2 hours. RailEurope.com for tickets
Via Flight: $52 + baggage fees, takes about 1 hour. Vueling Airlines. Flights vary on days you're leaving, but for this flight should be no more than $100.

Stay in Barcelona 2 nights. Barcelona --> Amsterdam

Via Train: $313 takes about 12 hours. RailEurope.com for tickets (You can get an overnight train to compensate for time, or just fly which is recommended.
Via Flight: $52 + baggage fees, takes 2 1/2 hours. Vueling Airlines. Same thing, prices vary from days you leave. EasyJet.com also offers pretty competitive fares if Vueling isn't an option.
Stay in Amsterdam 2 nights.
If you leave from Amsterdam without Copenhagen, I would do 4 nights Madrid, 3 Barcelona, 3 Amsterdam. OTHERWISE continue with the days I suggested (if you'd like)

Amsterdam --> Copenhagen

Via Train: $196 takes about 15 hours. RailEurope for tickets. Please don't take rail.
Via Flight: $119 + baggage fees (although SAS doesn't always charge for bags) takes about 1 1/2 hours. SAS.com for non-stop flight. Again, prices vary.
Stay in Copenhagen 3 nights (or a year, which I would recommend ;) )


Accommodation + Travel costs with Copenhagen $388/$700
Accommodation + Travel costs without Copenhagen $286/$700
Hey so Copenhagen looks like it can work my man!

Tips on Pricing and Packing

The prices I include are in Europes (for stuff to do, otherwise its in dollars as you see). Flight prices can change, although they won't be dramatically different than what I showed you. The hostel prices change slightly in the seasons like peak time in summer, so I gave a little extra room for that. The prices I quote are on the low end, of course can also change.
When you pack, pack light. 1-2 pairs of jeans, a night shirt, maybe nice shoes, bring a ton of boxers, socks, t-shirts that you can re-wear. I'm telling you, it is worth doing laundry 1 time, than carry extra baggage which you need to lug around on planes and stuff, plus you won't wear it all. Just my opinion.
Travel adapters, since you aren't going to England, a European adapter will work for all your stuff. iPhone, Laptops, just plug it into a converter, it'll change the voltage automatically since they're designed that way.



A backpackers trip to europe: Amsterdam

A backpackers trip to europe: Barcelona

A backpackers trip to europe: Madrid

A backpackers trip to europe: Copenhagen

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