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Varanasi, the city of God

Author Richard Summers
Thu 4 Oct 12
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Varanasi Bhang Shop

The fastest way for a westerner to reach Varanasi by air is arrive at the Babatpur Airport which is nearest town, and is connexted with bus, taxi etc.

The cheapest accommodation for a lone traveler is Dhamshala or lodge near Varanasi Cantt Railway Station.

The accommodation to sleep and eat with the best quality/ price ratio for a couple or a family is Dramshala nearest to Ganga.

The things that you definitely should see are:

the Ganga Arti at Dashaswmegh Ghat at 7:00 P.m.

Sarnath as natural beauty and Ghamed Stoopa as one of the budist stoopa. 

Ganga Dashahara in Novemberber month.

 The things that you definitely should eat are:

Banarsi breakfast: Kachuri Jalebi and Banarsi Lassi.

July-August and November is the best time for visit in Varanasi. The most comfortable clothing there is: for male Jeans and T-shirt, and for female suit salwar or sari.

It's not difficoult to find good quality hashish (charas), however smoking it's illegal there also. You'll find official government shops selling bhang (edible cannabis preparation), or even bhang shops selling already prepared bhang-lassi, i.e youghurt mixed with bhang. One glass in the morning and you're set for the whole day...

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