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Green part of Ljubljana

Author Richard Summers
Tue 30 Apr 13
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Ljubljana Green Park

Ljubljana is a small beauty in Central Europe with many green walking areas. Ljubljana sights attract more than 300,000 visitors every year. Ljubljana is known for its hospitality with friendly locals, quality accommodations (hostel, pension and hotel in Ljubljana) and first class culinary experience. The greenest parts of Ljubljana are Tivoli and Roznik.


The history of Tivoli Park begins with the parks around two castles, Tivolski grad and Cekinov grad. The first plans for avenues were drawn up by the French architect Blanchard in 1813. When Austrian authority was re-established two rows of trees were planted and named after Austrian general Latterman.


Between the wars Joze Plecnik designed Tivoli Park. The best place to begin a walk through Tivoli Park and up to Roznik hill is from the beginning of Cankarjeva cesta, because it gives us the best idea of the park`s position in the city centre. There is Tivoli Castle which was built in the beginning of the 17th century and was owned by the Jesuits. It was surrounded by fruit trees and other trees; in the park the Jesuits arranged banquets for their patrons and performed theatricals.


There was a Marija Visitation church on Roznik hill as early as 16th century, today Baroque edifice dates from 18th century. Below the church is an old farm complex with a house, a barn and farm buildings. It was built in the 19th century. The memorial plaque at the entrance to the house records that famous Slovene author Ivan Cankar lived here.

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